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Tasty cashew


The Evolution of Cashew

History Of Cashews The Tupi-Indian word Acaju, which merely means "nut," is where the word cashew originates.They don't grow like typical nuts; instead, they sprout like tiny tails from the base of cashew apples.They are the only nut marketed exclusively unshelled since the outer shell irritates skin.The seed is encased in a double shell made of an allergic-causing phenolic resin that also contains anacardic acid.This substance has a strong irritating effect on skin.Chemically, this resin is connected to the more well-known …

Flavoured Makhanas

What is Makhana?The Lily family's Makhana/Phool Makhana plants, also known as lotus seeds or Fox nuts (Gorgon nuts), are typically grown in low-lying regions of India, China, and Japan for their starchy white edible seeds. Calcium and protein are plentiful in lotus seeds. They control blood pressure, are highly antioxidant, and are good for the heart, spleen, and kidneys.Cravings for MakhanaThe ghee-toasted makhana is a favourite midday snack in every family. Using makhana, we may prepare a wide range of …